Wu Tao Dance is a powerful dance, exercise, and meditation program that balances your vital life energy, or Qi, using originally composed music and flowing, easy dance movements. Wu Tao Dance restores your balance and health physically, emotionally and spiritually. Perfect for all ages, Wu Tao Dance will leave you feeling refreshed, peaceful and ready to flow anew within your life.

Wu Tao has its foundations in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has five core dances, one for each of the elements in TCM. Working with the meridians, or energy channels in the body, Wu Tao's gentle yet effective choreographed dances free up any stagnant or blocked Qi by stretching and activating the specific meridians associated with each element. Each dance gives the dancer sequential opportunities to release any blockages and reclaim a sense of deep calm and peace.

In this open level class, Anna will introduce and lead you through one or more of Wu Tao's five core dances. We begin with the Makko Ho stretches, a series of TCM stretches created to open all of the meridians, or energy pathways in the body. All of the dances are gentle, deep, and easy to learn. We complete with a guided or silent meditation. Please note we cannot accommodate anyone in a wheelchair or with severe mobility restrictions.

Anna Brooke became the first certified and licensed Wu Tao Dance teacher in the US in 2012. Since then, she has taught hundreds of classes at studios, conferences, and trainings across the US.

"Wu Tao is the way to restore peace, balance and beauty to ourselves and the world. When we dance Wu Tao, we embody the very qualities inherent in our true nature. We become One with the healing life force energy, becoming the change, transformation and growth we seek."
- Michelle Locke, creator of Wu Tao Dance