Room to Breathe

Life is relationship.  How do you relate to life itself?  Are you caught in the hamster wheel chasing anything to give you pleasure and running from everyone or everything that brings you pain?  Breaking the pleasure pain cycle (referred to as the Wheel of Suffering) can be found in making room to breathe.  The breath and breathing the breath can open up a relationship by distinguishing your real self from the false self. This will bring you into greater relationship with the truth of what you are in spirit giving you more space and freedom from the stifling and suffocating world.  

Making room to breathe is a statement to remind you that no one is going to give you time or space unless you declare it –claim it for yourself.   It is a statement to make time for the greatest relationship you can have…a relationship with your true self, a relationship with your Creator, and a relationship with your truth.   Yet with all the demands of modern life, do you make time and space to check in with yourself, how is life going?  How is your health? How is your mind?  How are you really doing?  Room to breathe is that space.   For one hour you get to check in with yourself through your breath and breathing.  Breathing is habit and habit is behavior that has been trained.  Thus your relationship with life is mirrored in the habit and behavior with your breathing the breath of life.    The breath and breathing the breath is the umbilical cord to your truth and your truth will set your free.