Qigong is the practice of cultivating the awareness of energy that is around your and then the energy that is within you.  As this awareness builds through practice and cultivation, you will be able to move the energy within you.   Qigong is a huge part of Eastern principles to consciously engage in activities that not only support  preventing or eliminating illness and disease but also promoting vitality, relaxation, peace of mind, concentration, and longevity with function.  This leads to living from your true heart.   In the East, many people believe that practicing daily Qigong is more important than eating! 

In the Western culture, you are most likely suffering in the silence of your negative thoughts and emotions.   Henry David Thoreau said “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”  Today society, family and friends may not support your inner desire to liberate yourself from this suffering whether it is in body, mind or spirit; health, wealth or loving relationships.  Thus you may be locked in the closet feeling the isolation of chronic disease, dysfunction and the pain of mental anguish or overwhelm.   I’m asking you to come out of the closet and confront your pain with natural ways of re-establishing connection to your power of conscious choice and connection to others on the path of natural healing and personal empowerment.  I have done it, many others have done it and you can too.  Yet you may need guidance, encouragement and the support of others. 

In this weekly class you will learn and practice the beginner Yin/Yang Medical Qigong as created by Grandmaster Jiang Jian-ye.  In a private session with Grandmaster Jiang Jian-ye he offered me encouragement and permission to facilitate this introductory form. 

You will learn

·       The form

·       Use of imagination and/or affirmation

·       Breathing Technique

·       Energy Cultivation

The more you practice the mind relaxes and the imagination or positive affirmation become natural and free. The more you practice you can open a relationship with the breath and breathing.   And with further practice you will soon come to feel the energy that is all around you and eventually within you.   This energy is first used to re-establish balance within your major organs and releasing or transcending stored or suppressed unintegrated emotions into greater health and joy.  In this state anything is possible yet you will need to earn it through the inspiration to practice this self-healing and self-empowering healing art. 

Health is the Foundation to Life and Love is the purpose for living.    The only thing stop you from this point is not YOU!  It is your false conditioned self to fear love, to fear health, to fear the joy of being freed from this past false identity and the freedom of living from your true heart.  This is the one who desires to transcend the pain into purpose far beyond the pain itself.