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Pooja Prema

An artist can create many things. For years I found my diverse passions impossible to reign in to just one category, and have come to accept that my work eludes definition. I experiment and craft with multiple mediums including theatre, dance, writing, music and visual art, although my primary mediums have always been performance & ritual. I consider my work as that of re-membering and re-connecting human beings to Nature, to each other, and to our deeper longings. And I've come to revel in how this multiplicity of media allows me to speak to the intersectionality of themes and issues that are brimming over in our shared world as a personal politics that necessarily includes ecology, race, post-colonial discourse and feminism. These are stories spoken through movement, text and image that tell of ecological devastation, the pollution of our waters, climate change, immigration, the relationship between human beings and nature, fertility, the erotic, and our inherited wounds, fear, anger, angst and... faith. Since 2012, I have been creating site-specific groups and solo performances and plays as Rogue Angel Theatre. In 2014, my work began to branch out into transformational ritual work with more than actors, as I began offering workshops for groups as small as 10 and as large as 100. Whether it's performance or ritual, so much of what I do seems to be about creating a container in which to grieve, to feel (often times that which we've avoided ), and then to allow the very real possibility of personal and collective healing, re-connection, regeneration of both human culture and Nature, and the awakening of deeper empathy, and compassion for all with whom we share this planet.

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