Orient Yourself to the Center

If you're visiting SRUTI for the first time,welcome! we're grateful you'll be joining us. We thought you might find these few pieces of information helpful in orienting yourself to our space before your arrival.



The Front Room

This space will be immediately on your left as you are coming up the stairs. Enter through the white double doors.

Nearest Restroom: if you are IN the Sun Room, on the back wall to the right of the mirrors is an exit door. Immediately after passing through that door, go left into our kitchenette. The restroom is through there.



The Back Room

As you come up the stairs and onto our wood-floored hallway, this space will be on your right. Enter though the wooden door located just past the public mats.

Nearest Restroom: exit the room, turn right and continue down the hallway. The restroom will be on your left just past the bend in the hall.



• public mats
• bolsters, blankets, straps & misc props
• mat storage [for pass holders only]
• day use personal storage [open cubes, no lockers]
• day use kitchenette, including self-service tea, fridge & microwave
• filtered drinking water station
• changing stalls + two large bathrooms [no shower, no towel service]
• elevator access [please contact us]

Registration & Payment

When you arrive, there is a self service registration table at the top of the stairs. Please clearly print your first and last name on our sign-in sheet and indicate how you are paying. Please do this even if you have registered online.

Most of our offering have an option to pay online. You can do that in advance, or easily from your mobile device when you’re at the studio. At this time, we are not accepting credit cards on-site.

On-site payments by cash or check [payable to Sruti Yoga Center] can be placed in the cash box on top of the sign-in table.\

yoga mats.png

What we ask of you…

When using our space, please keep in mind that we are a small community center. We ask for your assistance and partnership in keeping our space in order. Please be mindful to return props to their original location. Please re-hang mats, neatly fold blankets, stack blocks and roll straps.

We adhere to a carry-in carry-out practice when it comes to food waste.

To be considerate to those with sensitivities, we ask that you use unscented products for yourself and your gear…and we ask that you all come to practice washed!