Ashtanga Mysore Practice

The Mysore style practice method that Pattabhi Jois taught, starts with sun salutations (surynamaskara) and proceeds posture by posture through a prescribed, individualized series of postures. The class is guided and assisted by a teacher who may offer hands-on assistance, and is the method we use at Sruti Yoga Center.

In the Mysore room we practice as a group. Sruti founder Amy Webb's vision of a yoga community center has its heart centered in the Mysore room.  Each student comes into the room and does their own practice of the sequence, aided and guided by the teacher.

New students begin with sun salutations and the breathing system, and the first practice may be only 30 to 40 minutes long.  Postures are added one by one, adapted to the individual as needed, gradually building a sequence that is stable and sweet. In the beginning three sessions a week may be enough, but over time, one works towards 5 or 6  sessions a week. New students require more attention and verbal instruction but ideally, “the practice space is quiet, except for the rhythmic sound of deep breathing”.

Perspective students are invited to come and observe a class.

Yoga practice is best done on an empty stomach, at least three hours after the last meal.  One should be adequately hydrated and not drink during practice.  Practitioners should shower before every practice and refrain from using scented soaps, shampoos, and lotions.  Yoga clothes and rugs should be clean and fragrance free.