Mary Campbell

Mary Campbell is the founder and teacher of Divining Beauty as well as the creator of Claiming Our Voices and the Walking Our Talk concept and initiative. She leads women’s inspirational groups throughout the northeast. Her work and leadership are informed by both her lifelong studies of spirituality, sensuality, and relationship, and her personal experiences as a wife and partner, mother, artist, and human being.

Mary is passionate about committed and connected relationship with Self, partners, humanity, and the Earth. She graduated from the Divine Feminine / Awakened Masculine Institute and has studied with Regena Thomashauer at the School of Womanly Arts as well as with Saida Desilets in The Desilets Method and Charles Muir in the Source School of Tantra Yoga. Additional studies include work with the Animas Valley Institute, Timothy Freke, Miranda Macpherson, David Deida, Harville Hendrix, John Gray, Don and Martha Rosenthal, Trebbe Johnson, and Joel and Kate Feldman. Mary also holds graduate degrees in both music and education.