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Justin Green

JUSTIN GREEN is a Tufts University graduate and Kripalu-trained massage therapist specializing in Thai Yoga Massage and Structural Bodywork. He has trained with an incredible Kripalu staff – Michael Sitzer, Arti Ross Kelso, Anuradha, Ken Nelson – who provided the perfect foundation and first instilled the importance of presence and quality of touch. He has also studied structural/fascia work through the CORE Institute and Thai massage with Michael Sitzer, Shai Plonski of Lotus Palm, The Sunshine School, and several other teachers throughout Thailand. Justin has assisted Michael Sitzer in his trainings many times and credit him for first opening the door for him as a teacher and facilitator. Justin teaches massage not simply as a series of techniques but as a transformative practice that builds connection and compassion for both giver and receiver. He has taught at yoga and dance studios, within the mental health field, and has presented at experiential education conferences.