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Guided Conversations for Ego Relaxation and Awakening

with Mary Campbell

I’d like to invite you to the first of a series of monthly explorations based on The Way of Grace, Miranda Macpherson’s newest book about to be released by Sounds True November 1st.

Miranda has been my primary counselor/spiritual teacher since 2008. Her embodied non-dual exploration with me of what she calls the seven pillars of awakening has helped to melt layers of historical limitation and been the core of my recent spiritual development.

I have been exploring and sharing this perspective with clients and students for some years now, and am excited to share it with other “seekers” – women and men curious about awakening and living their fullest life, people who are open-minded and wanting to explore principles beyond any specific tradition yet contained in every spiritual tradition. 

Miranda says: “Just being present and undefended -- relaxing the usual strategies to control, direct, or interfere -- allows the natural awakening impetus of our souls to unwind back into its true origins, giving rise to deeper dimensions of presence. If we can just be present and not pick up the usual defense, we’ll be exploring virtues that mature us, that give us the true support we need to come home to our Self.”  

Each evening's format includes an introductory presentation, a diad inquiry, a conversation, and a practice to live in your consciousness in an ongoing way throughout the month.  

I offer this monthly, drop-in event as my gift to our community, with an optional donation toward rental of the space.

I invite you to explore Miranda’s websites and and this VIDEO about her new book The Way of Grace: The Transforming Power of Ego Relaxation.

 Another quote from Miranda: “The way of Grace is for humanity. Its objective is to love everyone back into the full embodiment of who we really are. This is a lot more effective than many religious approaches of the past, beating yourself into spiritual shape, which is not the compassionate response our world needs.”

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