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Mindful Movement through Tai Chi, a 4-week Introductory Series

Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese martial art grounded in the philosophy of the soft overcoming the hard. Its practice helps improve body awareness, balance, agility and clarity of mind. In this intro series we will focus on learning a shortened form that can be learned more quickly and practiced for a few minutes each day, and introduce the longer Chen style Xiaojia (small-frame) barehand form.

Aaron Craelius first started learning Tai Chi and Zen meditation with Deneal Amos in 1999. He has been studying with his main teacher Sifu Wonchull Park since 2003, having learned the Xiaojia Chen style and Cheng Man Ching Yang style barehand forms, sword and spear forms, as well as push hands, meditation, and philosophy. He has been teaching since 2007. Aaron has also studied Hakomi mindful somatic psychotherapy, Yoga, and massage and bodywork.

Fee: $45/series
Pay upon registration on location Thursday, June 27th
No Class July 4th