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Kirtan Led by JoJo Silverman with Justin Green on Drums

Kirtan led by JoJo Silverman with Justin Green on drums!
$10- $20 suggested at the door

Kirtan (Yogic Chanting) is the practice of coming together in community to create strong spiritual vibration energy. Sound is a powerful resonance that we can direct to create love, peace, inner bliss for ourselves and direct our psychic energy in manifesting our vision for the world.

Chanting is one of the core practices of the yoga tradition. Take advantage of the opportunity to experience inner quiet, power and peace through the magical and musical repetition of mantra.

Creator of the healing modality Prayerful Resonance, and visionary of the Devotional Music Foundation, JoJo Silverman, has been a student of yoga, meditation, holistic health, chanting, hand percussion, and fire-Tending for 24 years. Using sound in the exploration of consciousness to connect hearts and minds is his gift and mission.

JoJo created the Devotional Music Foundation in 1999 to promote the sacredness of music as a force for healing our planet. Since then, he has been leading kirtans and chanting workshops internationally.

In 2008 he released the album Bhagavan Kripa: A Kirtan of Grace, a kirtan tribute to Swami Kripalvananda. Later that year he developed Prayerful Resonance Chant Activation, a specialized healing modality that uses prayer and sound.

In 2009 -2010 he built the Sonic Sacred Star Garden Temple, a hexagram shaped vegetable chanting garden, as a model for creating new relationships to music, the plant world, and our food.
JoJo believes strongly in the use of prayer and sound for recognizing and remembering our wholeness, and dedicates his life to the practice of these arts. He is currently resides in Asheville NC, focusing on his healing work and music-as-prayer.