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The Art of Masterful Living with Todd Norian: Expansive Air

We are all made of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and sky. Masterful living is achieved when these elements are balanced within. When out of balance, you may feel contracted (too much earth), under water with emotional stress (too much water), unmotivated (not enough fire) or over-efforting (too much fire), scattered and fearful (too much air), or spacey and ungrounded (too much sky). 

The Ashaya Yoga® practice brings about a flowing integration of all five elements that leaves you feeling strong, confident, peaceful, openhearted, and ready to engage with life wholeheartedly from a place of worthiness.

Expansive Air: Super Shoulder Openers

Saturday, June 29th, 1-4 pm

$65 for individual workshop

Open your air element and flow with the wind. Put it all together in this grand finale workshop where all five elements integrate together. Therapeutically align your shoulders, neck, and head, with your heart to gain access to a power greater than yourself. Practice a full spectrum class of standing poses, hip openers, inversions and hand balances (modifications given), backbends, forward bends, and twists, all in a step-by-step way that makes every pose accessible. End with a deep relaxation integrating all five elements.

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Todd Norian, E-RYT 500, is an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher. A student of yoga since 1980, he has immersed himself in many styles of alignment-based and heart-centered yoga. In 2012, he founded Ashaya Yoga® (AH-shy-ah) – a Sanskrit word that means, “abode of the heart” – which blends precise alignment techniques with empowering and spiritually uplifting philosophy. With warmth and humor, Todd excels at making deep philosophical teachings accessible and relatable. As an accomplished musician, Todd has created several music CDs for yoga, meditation, and relaxation. Todd welcomes students of all levels to awaken to their inherent potential for unlimited joy, vitality, and fulfillment. Practice with Todd online at Learn more at


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