Help us establish a Scholarship + Stabilization Fund for Sruti’s economic future.

For nearly a decade, Sruti has been rooted in the mission to be a sanctuary for individual and community growth. This guiding principle has enabled Sruti's doors to be open to a wide variety of community offerings in a way that is accessible to teachers, facilitators, and participants. Countless scholarships, work-trade, donation based events, reduced rates for programs, workshops and training and open access to the space has always been our way.

We continue to be dedicated to keeping our programming accessible, but we’re finding that we just cannot do it alone.

In an effort to return to the roots of yoga and make daily sadhana more affordable, we are renewing our long-standing tradition providing more scholarship, work study, community classes and sliding scale tuition for classes, workshops, events and trainings in 2019. This fund underwrites the tremendous expense of maintaining our unique-in-all-the-Berkshires 3000 square foot facility. Our physical plant is amazing. . . and expensive. With a convenient location in the heart of Great Barrington, we provide ADA compliant elevator access and support. We offer a broad range of programming from yoga to community outreach, arts access and training for students of all ages and backgrounds. The reality is that the cost of rent, utilities, cleaning, payroll and insurance have all increased exponentially since we opened our doors in 2010.

Tuition simply does not cover the cost of running the Center.

When we struggle under the weight of hardship, the need for deep self-care and sense of community increases. Right now, as our Berkshire Community is in need, so is SRUTI. We are, simply, struggling to keep up with rising costs while maintaining our mission to keep yoga affordable.We are a humble Center, not seeking to ‘get rich’ from this initiative, simply looking for support in continuing to keep programming accessible in our current location and provide adequate compensation for our inspired faculty.

Why You?

  • YOU know the profound impact your practice has had on your life, and you are able to help someone else have the same experience

  • YOU realize that our location is a very special place, and you’d like it to be a bit easier for us to keep it as our home

  • YOU attend valuable workshops + events with us, and you know the change it can make in someone’s life

  • YOU led a workshop or event here, and you know that having premium affordable space can help launch a new initiative too

  • YOU value our community and know the importance of community centers + programming, supporting small businesses and keeping our downtown vibrant

Donate Here

How else can you help?

Donations to our scholarship fund are essential to a sustainable future for SRUTI, but please know that there are a variety of additional ways you can help us should you feel called to. We appreciate gifts in kind, gifts of talent, time and treasure. If you feel called to serve, we have volunteer positions and work study. Below, please note several ways you can support our community:


buy extended passes

In addition to helping forecast our cash flow, purchasing one these options for yourself passes financial savings along to you as well.

Besides our monthly pass, we have:

  • 3 month pass

  • 6 month pass

  • 12 month pass

  • Auto recurring 1 month pass

Purchase by visiting our purchase page.


donate supplies

If you find yourself with an excess of, or would like to purchase any of the following supplies, we could certainly use them:

  • individually wrapped rolls of recycled toilet paper

  • tealight candles

  • unscented liquid hand soap

  • tea tree oil

  • gallon of white vinegar

  • Staples + Amazon gift cards

red yellow flowers.png

buy sruti gear

We’ve opened an online shop at Cafe Press where SRUTI clothing and accessories are made to order! This unburdens us from having to maintain a large inventory on-site, and gives you a larger variety of choices. It’s always good for us to have the increased visibility of the SRUTI logo being seen, but additionally and more importantly, the proceeds from your purchase go directly to our scholarship fund.

International guest teacher Petri Räisänen spreads the SRUTI love in Amsterdam, 2018 [with guest teacher David Garrigues]