Dan Hegerich

Dan Hegerich is a Natural Health Educator and Holistic Lifestyle Coach. His approach to dynamic health emphasizes self-love through nutrition and movement therapies rooted in the seven elements of healing: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Mind, Love and Rest. Most of Dan’s inspiration and knowledge was born of his own experience transcending a form of cancer-diagnosed “terminal” After a failed bone marrow transplant in 1995; Dan applied his expertise in civil engineering to healing himself, which involved reversing a cycle of degenerative disease and embracing a positive, generative cycle of multi-faceted
nourishment. During the last 20 years, Dan has traveled widely in pursuit of pioneering knowledge of natural health and along the way earning certifications in sports massage therapy, holistic counseling, corrective holistic exercise kinesiology, holistic lifestyle coaching, applied kinesiology, qigong, nutritional balancing science, life coaching and conscious breathwork. Dan was granted permission, by Grandmaster Fu, to facilitate Emei Qigong Universal Mantra – a self-healing technique for tapping into the energy around us for health, healing, personal growth and spiritual development. In addition to facilitating Emei Qigong, he leads workshops, retreats, and talks on The Elements of Healing and Conscious Breathwork. As a coach, Dan guides clients towards self-mastery living and disease free by aligning with nature’s laws and their true own authentic nature.