Crane Morehouse | Siri Karta Kaur

Crane Morehouse, Siri Karta Kaur, received her certification as a Kundalini Yoga teacher in 2007 and studied and practiced Kundalini yoga for seven years prior. For all of her adult life she practiced many forms of yoga and sincerely believes in its transformational and rejuvenating results. She chose to become a Kundalini teacher because of the power, grace and practicality that has become part of her practice and everyday life. Siri Karta Kaur is available for private and private group instruction at Sruti.

“As a science of awareness and happiness, Kundalini Yoga has enhanced my life and all my relations. It is a path for one to fulfill one’s destiny and to acquire one’s greatest potential. I have been teaching weekly yoga classes and workshops for six years.”