Community Classes

The following community classes are offered for a suggested $10 donation, with Kundalini Morning Sadhana being $5. We also often hold workshops and events with a sliding scale option, as well as provide work-trade and work study opportunities. If you are interested in being part of our work-study trade opportunities, please contact us at

a note from our teacher Senta who offers community-based class by donation every Saturday at 8am:
Everyone should have access to the health-giving, community building, soul soothing benefits of yoga, regardless of financial means. While donation based practice provides this possibility, it also provides another opportunity. Each person is invited to access their priorities and their own generosity as they chose their response to the suggested donation. Trust is cultivated in this practice. “What can I afford?” becomes a question worth asking. “Where do I chose to spend my money?”

The “costs” of time, care of the space provided, and to support the providers, is unchanged when donation based services are offered. The providers invest in the trust that they will be adequately supported, through other’s generosity, and increased numbers of participants, in order to be able to continue the service. The participants have the opportunity to equally invest in trust and generosity as they chose their donation; be it simply gratitude, minimal monetary exchange, or sums greater than the “suggested” amount. Heart forces are examined and strengthened in this simple exercise. And so it is. Thank you for your investment! ૐ -Senta Reis