Amy Webb

Amy Webb began practicing yoga in 1997 while completing her degree in Studio Art and English. With a background in outdoor and experiential education, Amy shifted her focus from mixed media installation to the mountains of the Northeast and Colorado in 1999, guiding adventure-based wilderness therapy. At that time, yoga served mainly as a tool for injury recovery, self-reflection, and self-inquiry until she met her first yoga teacher, Mary Bastoni, while working for Summit Achievement in Stow, Maine in 2001. With bright eyes, a big heart, and infinite humor, Mary introduced Amy to Ashtanga yoga as an eight-limbed system, chanting, and meditation. In 2002 Amy began devoting all of her time to yoga as a student and a teacher. Dedicated to their teacher, Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois, Christine Hoar and Nancy Gilgoff were Amy’s next mentors in establishing an Ashtanga yoga practice and in the art of hands on adjustments. Since 2004 Richard Freeman has been her main influence through trainings and immersions in practice, philosophy, chanting, anatomy in the cadaver lab, internal form, pranayama, text study, and ethical teaching principles. Vipassana meditation has also played a central role in her development and practice. Amy has traveled to Mysore, India to meet the Jois family and practice at the heart of Ashtanga yoga, and to Peru to study and work with practices from Amazonian and Andean Q’ero Indian lineage of healers and shamans. Amy offers these practices privately and in workshops in transformational arts. Amy moved to the Berkshires in 2007 to work with the Berkshire Ashtanga practice community before opening Sruti in 2010.