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Satsang: A Gathering of the Heart

Satsang is a Sanskrit word that means “association with truth”. In this soulful gathering, Australian spiritual teacher Parvati Sundari will join devotional singer Carrie Grossman for a joyful evening of music, meditation, discourse, and healing. Come, unburden your heart and dissolve old patterns, rebalance your energy, and ignite your spirit! Parvati and Carrie will be joined by Charlie Braun on guitar and Justin Green on drums. Elixirs will also be provided by Nancy Lee of Elixir Teahouse in Great Barrington.
$15 – $25 suggested donation
Parvati Sundari is a Master Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) therapist and spiritual coach. As a sacred musician, she facilitates transformation through the use of Divine sound and mantra. Her passion is helping others uncover their own beauty, awakening to their magnificence and power of self-healing. Visit Pavarti’s Website
Carrie Grossman (Dayashila) is a devotional singer, writer, and lifelong student of the world’s wisdom traditions. After years of study in comparative religion and the healing arts, she began to compose and record sacred music. Her albums include: Soma-Bandhu: Friend of the Moon, The Ram Sessions, and Pranam. Visit Carrie’s Website