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Getting Started

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“Yoga is existential, experiential, experimental. No belief is required, no faith is needed – only courage to experience.” Osho, The Science of the Soul

Welcome! SRUTI is located on the 2nd floor at 33 Railroad Street, above the Chef’s Shop and The Gypsy Joynt Clothing Company. Currently we have 2 studio spaces with a 3rd room designated specifically for meditation classes, silent practice, and private sessions.

An elevator is available to the 2nd floor through the downstairs business, please contact us to arrange access.

Please leave your shoes in the hallway. If you brought a bag you may leave it inside with you during class or in one of the shelves in the hallway. Before class is a good time to check in with your teacher with any questions or to inform us about of injury or concerns you have. Do not hesitate to ask us anything that will help you feel oriented and comfortable.

Mats are available at Sruti to rent for $1/use. They are hanging in the hallway clearly marked, one rack for clean mats, one for used. We would love help with spraying your mat at the end of class. Mat storage is available for monthly passholders only. Gaiam biodegradable non-latex mats are available for purchase for $25. We encourage you to bring your own mat. Personal mats may be cleaned with very little mild detergent in the bath tub or in front loading washers, then hung to dry. Drying can take several days. It is possible to place them in the dryer for a few minutes, then hang dry.

Comfortable, loose fitting clothing is best. There is no need to wear yoga-specific clothing, but modesty is appreciated.

It is best to practice on an empty stomach and as always, well hydrated. The general guideline is to not eat a large meal within 3-4 hours before practicing, or a lighter meal within 2 hours. It is best to stop hydrating 20 minutes before class and to wait until after class to drink water again.

Please visit our Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Program page for how to get started with this practice, or simply stop in and visit us during any Mysore session to begin, meet us, and observe.