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Class Descriptions

_DSC1239virabhadrasanaYou will find a wide variety of daily and weekly yoga and meditation classes at Sruti.

You’ll also find special offerings – community gatherings, men’s & women’s circles, music, movies, lectures, and theater throughout the year. Enjoy learning more about our offerings!

Please contact us for more information. We are happy to help you find the right fit and welcome you to SRUIT! 413.591.8422

Please contact Amy directly with any questions about getting started in the Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Program. 413. 717.5058




COMMUNITY YOGA is a donation-based class designed to cultivate love and self-awareness within individuals through multiple postures, breathing practices, and meditation. Expect a fully balanced class focused on cultivating a safe and enjoyable practice. All levels are encouraged to attend. Sandra comes from a spiritual family and has always been drawn to practices that integrate […]

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KRIPALU YOGA: This gentle to moderate level Kripalu Yoga class offers a variety of experiences including meditation, in-depth exploration of both restorative and active postures, and some flow, vinyasa/sequencing of yoga postures. All welcome.

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Emei Qigong Universal Mantra

EMEI QIGONG UNIVERSAL MANTRA A mantra, by itself, does not have energy. It is a special cipher code language that communicates and mobilizes the universal energy. Hence, the mantra language is also called true [and absolute} language. It is the true language of the Universe. Using a mantra to heal people [and oneself] has many […]

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Intro to Ashtanga Yoga

INTRO TO ASHTANGA is offered for those who are curious about Ashtanga yoga and Mysore-style practice. An orientation to the Mysore program and overview of Ashtanga yoga, this class is a good context to ask a lot of questions and receive individual guidance to which classes are a good fit for you within this method […]

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Mysore Room

Ashtanga Yoga & Mysore Practice

ASHTANGA YOGA  has deep roots and is practiced world-wide. It is based on an “eight-limbed” (asto means eight, anga, limbed) approach to yoga that systematically engages students for an ever-evolving and individualistic practice. Please visit our Ashtanga Yoga Page for information on each class, the Mysore program, and how to get started.  

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THERAPEUTIC RESTORATIVE YOGA is a therapeutically oriented class for rest and rejuvenation for the entire body and mind. Foundational concepts and techniques for a solid beginning to a yoga practice are taught for beginners. These elements also serve as a deepening for experienced practitioners not yet exposed to or practiced in techniques such as bandhas, […]

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Kundalini Yoga

KUNDALINI YOGA as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a dynamic, powerful form of yoga. It combines the traditional yogic tools of asana (posture), pranayama (breath), mudras, mantras, and deep relaxation into a unique series of yogic sets (called kriyas) and meditations. These kriyas and meditations are particularly suited to the age we live in, and […]

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Moderate Kripalu Yoga Flow

MODERATE KRIPALU YOGA FLOW will allow you to establish a nurturing relationship with your body as you flow through creative sequences of classical Hatha yoga postures and breathing practices. This class will help you increase body awareness, calm your mind and release layers of stress, pain and unconscious resistance. This class is suitable for all […]

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THERAPEUTIC CORE STRENGTHENING Yoga, Pilates, Somatics and more with Kathi Casey. This class is designed to improve core strength for better walking, sitting, breathing, or exercising and is taught in a therapeutic environment. Specific exercises and yoga postures are offered with modifications for those recovering from cancer treatments, surgery, and other physical challenges. All Welcome.

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Teen Yoga Flow

TEEN YOGA FLOW  is a Multi Level Kripalu Flow class to build strength, flexibility and focus. Postures are presented from the ground up. Students are encouraged to connect with self through breath a relaxing guided meditation is offered at closing to help relieve stress from busy lives. Beginners always welcome. For students ages 13-19 years.

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medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel Prayer Circle

MEDICINE WHEEL PRAYER CIRCLE Gather with us each week to make prayers with us for our beautiful mother earth and her people. Enjoy a peaceful space of prayer and meditation as we join together with a common vision of unity and peace for all beings on this sacred planet. Led by Shiva Lucido, this circle […]

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Sheng Zhen QiGong

Sheng Zhen QiGong

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Chanting Practice Group

CHANTING PRACTICE GROUP is a weekly gathering where we choose up to 5 chants to practice, often playfully, as we immerse in the art of sound and deeply rooted philosophy one or several of us have experience with. No experience is required, no fee. All welcome. Now happening Wednesday evenings and Friday mornings.

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Contemplative Inquiry, A Gathering of Hearts

CONTEMPLATIVE INQUIRY, A GATHERING OF HEARTS Here we explore the wisdom of various spiritual teachers and scriptures through readings, films, and recordings. After imbibing the teachings, we will use them as a springboard to delve into the mystery of our own life. By contemplating sacred wisdom as a sangha (spiritual community), we can deepen our […]

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